How do you ensure safety at sea?

By knowing where you are

Technologies from Hexagon's Autonomy & Positioning division builds the reliability, accuracy and redundancy of positioning solutions. Receivers and antennas leveraging satellite positioning, correction services that mitigate errors, and inertial measurement units and software to understand navigational orientation are all technologies that build trust between your company, crew and passengers.


Taking the next step to marine autonomy

Autonomous or unmanned vessels are the next step in marine technology. Without precise positioning and reliable navigation, autonomy isn't safe. We have proven our ability to support autonomous operations at sea; learn how it can be scaled to your fleets.


Find the solution you need:



Looking to future advancements

Velocity magazine features case studies of how assured positioning, navigation and timing technologies enable autonomy worldwide. 

Topics covered in Velocity magazine include the challenges to overcome for full autonomous marine operations to be fully realised, how to drive down potential positioning errors by bringing in inertial and heave measurements and building radio frequency resiliency against spoofing and jamming without relying on new hardware.

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